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Guardian Family Road Kit

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This kit is the most complete way to prepare for your road trip!

This kit is a 72-hour kit, car kit, and blizzard kit all in one.  With food to feed a family of four for a day or an individual for three days, you'll be prepared if your stranded wherever your location. This Kit Is Packed Securely in Our Red Duffle Bag with Wheels and includes the following:

Food and Water: The food and water in this kit will comfortably provide you with adequate nutrition for 72-hours without access to additional supplies. These products have a 5 year shelf life.

  • 3600 Calorie Food Bar with Individually Wrapped Rations
  • 24 4oz Water Pouches with 5-year Shelf Life
  • 20 Water Purification Tablets
  • 30 oz. Water Purification Bottle

Shelter and Warmth: These supplies will provide protection from outside weather forces. They will protect you from wind, sun, rain, and many other conditions you may encounter.

  • 4 Emergency Ponchos With Hoods
  • 4 Emergency Mylar Blankets
  • 2 Warm Fleece Blankets
  • 1 Two Person Tube Tent
  • 4 Hand and Body Warmers

Light and Communication: In the event of a power outage, you'll have independent access to your own means of lighting and communication with the outside world.

  • 1 30+ Hour Emergency Candle
  • 1 Tweleve Hour Bright Stick
  • 1 Multi-Function Auto Guardian Flashlight
  • 1 Four Function Dynamo Flashlight
  • 1 5-in-1 Whistle
  • 1 Box of 50 Waterproof Matches

First Aid: These first aid items can assist with minor injuries and protect against serious health concerns in disaster circumstances.

  • 1 Deluxe First Aid Kit with 65 Pieces
  • 4 N95 Dust Masks

Tools: These items are designed to be useful in disaster situations. They will be a valuable resource when you find yourself faced with navigation, transport, personal protection, or shelter troubles.

  • 50 feet of Paracord
  • 1 Pocket Knife with 16 Functions
  • Pair Safety Goggles
  • Sewing Kit
  • 1 Infectious Waste Bag
  • 1 Pair Leather Palm Gloves
  • 1 Fix-a-Flat Tire Inflator
  • 1 Reflective Triangle
  • 1 Tow Rope and three Bungee cords
  • 1 Funnel
  • 1 Jumper Cables
  • 1 Compact Shovel Tool
  • 1 Portable Stove with Stainless Steel Cup
  • 1 Blue Tarp 5' x 7'
  • 10 yards of Duct Tape

Hygiene: When in a disaster situation it is useful to have access to hygiene products. Staying clean can protect against infection, disease, and depression.

  • 4 Hygiene Kits
  • 4 Packets of Pocket Tissues

Other: These items are useful for stress relief and activity in strenuous or challenging circumstances.

  • 1 Note Pad with Pencil
  • 1 Deck of Playing Cards


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